About Carmen


Growing up as an over weight child, I had a lot of problems with low self esteem. I had to prove myself to everyone especially my peers, that there was much more to me then my figure. 

As a teenager the battle began. I worked hard to get myself out of that state of mind and realized that there is more to me than just my dress size. I am a sassy individual with lots to offer!

I began my career as a Group Fitness instructor 17 years ago and have built a reputation in this industry as a fitness expert. Through my education and years of experience I am driven to help others reach their full potential!

As a proud ambassador of Lululemon Athletica my goal is to spread the word of wellness both mind and body. In an effort to help women achieve self-acceptance and strength, I created, DivaFlow a combination of Yoga and Dance which main focus is opening the 2nd Chakra.

What I teach is more than moving your body sensually. It is about finding yourself and building your confidence!

I believe that sexy is not a look it’s an attitude, ‘If you feel sexy, you are sexy’.

This is something that I live by everyday of my life.

- Carmen